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Consumer Reports Says Galaxy S3 is the Worst Smartphone at Verizon and is Bested By the LG Optimus Everywhere Else

Note:  This is a linkbait article, and I’m drawing my inspiration from the ridiculous, idiotic article over at Business Insider that was headlined “Consumer Reports Says iPhone5 is the Worst of the Top 5 Smartphones”.  Journalistic integrity be damned!

Startling and shocking news out of Samsung camp this morning.  In a move that will definitely leave people reeling and possibly throwing up chunks, Consumer Reports has reported that the Samsung Galaxy S3, a phone long championed by Android fanboys as the best Android phone to ever exist, is the WORST phone available on Verizon!  To make matters even worse, CR is also reporting that the S3 is bested by the LG Optimus G on both AT&T AND SPRINT!  Horrible, shocking news for Samsung.

In a smartphone environment where Samsung has always been thought to have the lead it is unimaginable that it is actually the WORST phone available at Verizon Wireless, America’s largest carrier by subscriber base.  

Further, the LG Optimus G clobbers the S3 at both AT&T and SPRINT, the next two biggest carriers in the United States.

This shocking news brings a ton of questions to light:  The main one being of course, where did Samsung go wrong??  When Consumer Reports says you’re horrible, you know it’s time to pack it up.  Does this shocking report, which will leave people flabbergasted, hoodwinked and bamboozled, indicate that Samsung is about to abdicate the throne to LG in the US??  Only time will tell, but Samsung should definitely watch its back, as its time is numbered…

Brace yourself for the shocking picture below:

I would link to the Business Insider report, but I don’t want to give the idiots over there any more inbound links for such a ridiculously titled linkbait article.